May 8, 2015

A Poem For My Brothers

God bless my brothers, they meant so much to my life
I wish them all the best, the times we spent growing up together, the toil and the strife
I hope we gave each other comfort up and down the road. Helped each other tote the heavy loads
I can think back, and it makes me smile. A whole lotta fun, a whole lotta miles
Made a whole lot of people happy, with the great music we played
Gigging with people like the stones, Santana, the Grateful Dead
We were out there for thirty some years, leaving a funky trail
Through the blood sweat and tears, it was our Holy Grail
Looking at each other across the stage, through every song, through every page
I could see my Father and my Mother in each of my brothers
The kindness they taught us, the love and respect they brought us
I wish them nothing but the best, ‘cause they deserve nothing less
Want them to know that I love them, never no one above them
From the Calliope to the Thirteenth Ward, to them may nothing be hard
But as we got older the road got bolder
It was no ones fault, it was just time for me to call a halt
You’re in my prayers wherever you are, you’ll always be my favorite stars
To my brothers, the Mighty Mighty Neville Brothers

Aaron J. Neville