January 3, 2011

Excerpt from “I Am A Song”


Give me my flowers while I can smell them,
Hear my stories while I can tell them,
Sing my praises, so I can hear ’em,
Give me my medals, so I can wear ’em,
Don’t wait until the day I’m gone,
To put me upon a throne,
Give me my propers while I’m still around,
Don’t wait till I’m ’neath the ground,
Let me live my history,
Please don’t let me be a mystery,
Let me feel the pat on my back,
Don’t give it to me and take it right back,
So if I’m such a jolly good fellow,
Let me know that I’m now mellow,
Now is when I need a friend,
To show me love before the end,
So don’t wait until I’m gone,
Listen to my song.

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